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Louise Kendra Lohmann
Hey I don’t have a micro wave.... so I just hear it up in a pan until boil or before boiling?
Comment from : Louise Kendra Lohmann

Alvina Maariyah
No sugar. No sugar. No sugar? NO SUGAR, it doesn’t even have that no sugar tas- I KNOW 😡, 😐
Comment from : Alvina Maariyah

Salima Carter
Could this go in gummy bear molds?
Comment from : Salima Carter

Fright F0000

Firstly it is chlorinated, secondly it contains Maltodextrin.


Do your research!

Comment from : Fright F0000

Borderline Michael
Sucralose (splenda) has been shown to spike insulin. Liquid stevia would be the better option for keto. Just trying to help.
Comment from : Borderline Michael

Mr Natty Gains
Thanks for help, today I'm going to add gelatin and diet coke for DIY diet cola bottles.
Comment from : Mr Natty Gains

Victory IsMine
Thank you!!
Comment from : Victory IsMine

pokemon lover
If you dont have sweatner then can you add sugar?
Comment from : pokemon lover

Does anyone know if centric acid sold at Walmart?
Comment from : searphhoney

Rajitha Endla
That's not gummy that is a jello candy
Comment from : Rajitha Endla

Fire Lilies
P.s be carful guys ik it’s hard to resist but eating to much artificial sweeteners can be dangerous...
Comment from : Fire Lilies

Shadow Darkness
omg this is so doable! thanks for this. cheers from Singapore!
Comment from : Shadow Darkness

nina nono
I Can do that with cola right ?
Comment from : nina nono

Holly Wood
THANK YOU!!! I can't tell you how hard it was to find a video for exactly what I wanted. But, here you are.
Comment from : Holly Wood

Comment from : SimplyHuman

Manca Strmčnik
i tried them today., they are super good. U can also mix granulated sweetener and citric acid for sour sugar coating!
Comment from : Manca Strmčnik

blk bbw
Was it 250ml of tea per 28g of gelatine?
Comment from : blk bbw

The Precise Developer
Finally, something useful.
Comment from : The Precise Developer

Ram Revivo
That’s amazing holy shit..
Comment from : Ram Revivo

Tara Dactyl
This is such a cool idea. I wouldn't have thought to use tea! I think I'm going to puree some ginger root and make ginger gummies. I miss crystallized ginger! Great video, thank you. You made it so quick, easy and informative while even throwing in alternative suggestions and I just bought gellatin to make gummies, and mixed berry jello fluff.
Comment from : Tara Dactyl

Stacy Hackney
Thank you.
Comment from : Stacy Hackney

Addie Man
Comment from : Addie Man

Geraldine Granado
Sucralose is good for ketosis?
Comment from : Geraldine Granado

Infinity 8
Omg! Can’t wait to make these!!!
Can I add some coconut oil to increase fat intake btw?

Comment from : Infinity 8

Jaime Valencia
Thank you for this recipe!, I'm infusing mine with cannabis woot! ;)
Comment from : Jaime Valencia

Holly Shoemaker
I am so excited to try this. I have been missing gummy candies so much. All of the ones in stores have maltitol and it's such a bummer.
Comment from : Holly Shoemaker

unboxed prophet
Omg I’m keto fascinated. This is such a non diet kind of diet. We aren’t missin anything now hehehhe great. Thanks for sharing ideas
Comment from : unboxed prophet

Annalise Pardew
Can beef gelatin be used?
And if so - do the measurements translate proportionally?

Comment from : Annalise Pardew

Blake Hatheway
not having candy on keto has been killing me. thank you for this video. I'll be trying this very soon.
Comment from : Blake Hatheway

Tiffany Sailor
Yum 😁 Thank you for sharing going to make these.
Comment from : Tiffany Sailor

A quick flash of a blowtorch / creme brule torch on the top of the mixture will pop all the bubbles vs scooping them off.
Comment from : db17k

Achie Ilawan
is there a substitute for citric acid?
Comment from : Achie Ilawan

hani kopi
Comment from : hani kopi

Joanna Lavalle
Omg girl I need to try these 😘
Comment from : Joanna Lavalle

Hooping vids
If you don't keep them in the fridge, what would be their shelf life? X
Comment from : Hooping vids

Marcus Chan
Yuuuuummm... I totally needed this - Gummies are one of my candy weaknesses and especially sour gummies!
Comment from : Marcus Chan

Beth Graves It’s Beth’s Life
I am not at all hating!!! I thought on keto we couldn't have suculrose....What is the brand you are using...I have been using erythitol and I am not liking it at all! hugs, xoxo
Comment from : Beth Graves It’s Beth’s Life

Ewin the Mahoutsukai
Genius .. I was looking for all natural extracts. Tea bags are way easier and more convenient.
Comment from : Ewin the Mahoutsukai

edith fletcher
Comment from : edith fletcher

Mary Louise
Thought...could I just take Mio drops and add gelatin and chill in molds?
Comment from : Mary Louise

So excited to try these! Just got done with my green bottle collagen and had the orange container gelitin left, and happen to have some Tazo Passion tea! The only fruit tea I had on hand. Just bought some molds for chocolate too, so have a batch of gummies in the fridge now ^_^ Can't wait! I was just thinking I needed a fun snack to throw in my mouth first thing in the morning, nothing better than something with protein! I used monk fruit extract and stevia for sweetening. I have malic acid but not citric acid, so wasn't sure if it was different, so mine are sweet not sour.
Comment from : AnitasHealthBlog

they don t stay chewey if out side the fridge?
Comment from : LA SIU

Deborah Baca
curious about macros ballpark??
Comment from : Deborah Baca

Naura Gustafson
Comment from : Naura Gustafson

Deborah Baca
do you could cinnamon make them taste like hot tamalies?
Comment from : Deborah Baca

Life of a Mom
And I know what is going on my to buy list. A gummy mold! THANK YOU.
Comment from : Life of a Mom

ryan bennett
Amaze balls
Comment from : ryan bennett

Groovy Hippie Chick
Can't wait to make! ❤️
Comment from : Groovy Hippie Chick

Debbie Does KETO
great idea!
Comment from : Debbie Does KETO

Alexandra Ribeiro
Yum! Can I substitute the 4 Tbs Gelatin with grass-fed collagen peptides power?
Comment from : Alexandra Ribeiro

Mine turned out terrible. Damn it! Tasted like soap.
Comment from : Haleyjo

Keto Chaos
This may be the most genius video ever! Yum
Comment from : Keto Chaos

nancy e
THANK YOU !  These look great!
Comment from : nancy e

I love them.so simple but genius same time .
Comment from : papusna84

D’s Galaxies
Definitely going to give this recipe a go. That passion tea looks delicious. Thank you for the video.
Comment from : D’s Galaxies

Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : MsMalika64

Oooohhhhhh! My mouth puckered and got watery when you busted out the citric acid!
Comment from : ewoklynn

Do the gummies take on the smell of the beef gelatin? I have that brand but can't seem to make jello without being repulsed by the smell and taste.
Comment from : Lovewater

Truth Seeker
oh my yum I love making these with coffee..so good!
Comment from : Truth Seeker

Werk Dat Weight
Mmmmm thank you, I needed this! LOOOVE gummies!
Comment from : Werk Dat Weight

sea shell 0714
My mouth is watering!
Comment from : sea shell 0714

Dina B
Thank you!! Cant wait to make these.
Comment from : Dina B

Love Castle
Sumac is a great natural alternative to citric acid
Comment from : Love Castle

Missy G
I just found a passion tea gummy recipe on pinterest and was going to send it to you because I know you LOVE passion tea! Great minds!! I am going to try this :) Thanks for another wonderful video.
Comment from : Missy G

kat tekla
OH My goddddd thank you Michelle 💖 gonna make these tomorrow
Comment from : kat tekla

Sarah Lynn
I love how easy this looks to make. I can’t wait to try it.
Comment from : Sarah Lynn

Margo GetFit
Great idea
Comment from : Margo GetFit

Lisa Juntunen
Yum! Peach herbal tea just waiting for this recipe at home!
Comment from : Lisa Juntunen

Elizabeth V
These look great, I can't wait to make them. Thanks for sharing! Have you tried rolling them in a coating with citric acid with erythritol?
Comment from : Elizabeth V

Esther's VSGTrek
Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Esther's VSGTrek

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