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pornhub eater
canadashould been maple candy on maple flavored cake.
Comment from : pornhub eater

Izalixe Straightheart *Izzy*
Haha cool!
Comment from : Izalixe Straightheart *Izzy*

Navin Sharma
Comment from : Navin Sharma

Anna Metlow
The cute little mouse thing at the end spelling yoyo max is just so adorable
Comment from : Anna Metlow

Anna Metlow
I love pound cake is so good
Comment from : Anna Metlow

Basen Lang
No offense to American's but do you say it like Canada or canadia ???
Comment from : Basen Lang

Are u 9th?
Comment from : chrisandchina

Emma Green
I love all ur videos u make me hungry which is a good thing
Comment from : Emma Green

Darien Rife
Comment from : Darien Rife

lol the title says nothing about straberru cake just cake X3
Comment from : yerg

So it's technically a huge strawberry shortcake
Comment from : 02BLACKOUT02

Conservative Female
That's so cool
Comment from : Conservative Female

Emily Slover
Our family loves Jello-cake. Its not as rich as a heavy frosting and we like how the whipped cream isn't too sweet. We usually just make a boxed cake mix because unfortunately, no one in my family can really make a homemade cake, it never turns out right. Its a lot easier too. My Mom wanted a cherry chocolate cake for mothers day one year and I was hesitant to make a chocolate cake with cherry jello, but it actually came out quite nice and my Mom liked it which was the most important thing. I love watching your videos!!! & your so creative! :)  
Comment from : Emily Slover

Paityn Repass
does it have to be pound cake
Comment from : Paityn Repass

food jazz
Very nice!!
Comment from : food jazz

mary ashmore
You should have made something 4th of july for those of us that do not live in Canada
Comment from : mary ashmore

shelly praska
Very yummy :)  Love it

Comment from : shelly praska

Lauren Brock
Just wondering do u make up ur recipes or do u follow recipes? I dont really care what u do but i was just wondering.
Comment from : Lauren Brock

Pabinder Singh
Yoyomax 12 is lazy
Comment from : Pabinder Singh

crafty corner
Are you Canadian ?
Comment from : crafty corner

that little muse thing ruined d my appetite 
Comment from : mergingbutterfly

Comment from : jen7

Jalen Gomez
U . S . A is better than Canada
Comment from : Jalen Gomez

Miko -channn
yoyomax12 i whish the mongolian flag cake pls
Comment from : Miko -channn

Davison Video
Love it! Great job, Tammy!
Comment from : Davison Video

Saw somthing similar on the jello Facebook page same recipe execpt they added blueberries and strawberries to the jello mixture and the decoration was the American flag!
Comment from : pandaxoxoify

Alexandra Rose
Me and my dad make this type of cake and we call is Jello Cake! It's my absolute favorite!!!
Comment from : Alexandra Rose

James Gottfried
are you from Canada yoyomax12 ? 
Comment from : James Gottfried

beautiful, Tammy!  - roc
Comment from : popparoc46

Holly Marie
At least someone here's Canadian

Comment from : Holly Marie

Alysia Ma
Tammy, so this is basically Strawberry shortcake?
Comment from : Alysia Ma

Gil Brewer
Happy Canada Day! :D Awesome dessert. :)
Comment from : Gil Brewer

Happy Canada day for all you Canadians out there :D
Comment from : lavenri1

alyssa k
why do you keep using jello in EVERYTHING? i just havent been interested in any of your videos anymore because i don't like jello.
Comment from : alyssa k

Happy Canada day Yoyomax!
Comment from : Ec93

Riley Black
Happy Canadian Day Tammy. This cake looks so good, thank you for sharing it. 
Comment from : Riley Black

Happy Canada Day!
Comment from : Nannerchan

Genesis Piglet
this cake is a lot better and even if you bake your own pound cake in a 9 by 13 pan or buy one an do not slice into slices. then there is no jello gaps
Comment from : Genesis Piglet

Kay Maw
Looks yummy! I Love the combination of pound cake and strawberries. I'll definitely try this. Here is a recipe for inside out smores brownies! inspiredreamer.com/inside-out-smores-bars/ 
Comment from : Kay Maw

Rose S.
YUM! I think I'm gonna celebrate Canada day TOO! Happy Canada Day Tammy and any other Canadians reading this!
Comment from : Rose S.

A. E. Liz L
We make the same thing for 4th of July. Only we use blueberries or blackberries, in addition to the strawberries to make up the US flag. Easy, quick, delicious recipe. You can buy good quality frozen pound cake year round now, so you could really make a dessert like this any time of the year. Also, you can personalize your cake with any fruit or Jello you want.
Comment from : A. E. Liz L

Tara Helou
My mom does a similar dessert. She puts ladyfingers on the bottom of the pan then covers them with the hot liquid Jell-O then let it sit then you put on top yellow vanilla custard and cool whip
Comment from : Tara Helou

Aww da widdle hamstew :3
Comment from : Dawnie

Go Canada!
Comment from : GlassesGurls1

Ryan Coyne
My birthday is on Canada Day..
Comment from : Ryan Coyne

connie archer
if ya allergic to strawberrys can ya use raspberry jelly or another fruit instead or does it only work with strawberrys?? and alsoo like change it to an england flag :p obvsss
Comment from : connie archer

I'm from the USA...what is Canada Day for?
Comment from : Emma

cutie marianaa
Make birthday cake pancakes (:
Comment from : cutie marianaa

Grace Shang
i was born in Canada's capital, so i'm sure ill love it!!!
Comment from : Grace Shang

Feather Lathlin
Hey Tammy! it's my 17th birthday today ^-^ My name is Rainy it would be my dream come true if you could say Happy Birthday! :) Thank you! I enjoy your videos so much. Please never stop.
Comment from : Feather Lathlin

Thanks for making a video for Canada day! No youtubers ever do just because they don't celebrate it, and it's thoughtful of you :) can't wait to try this recipe out!
Comment from : Raquel

My tounge just melted! ;) (and my teeth) :P
Comment from : josse13579

Ahh, I love our flag.
Comment from : J M

Ifra Danawala
Beautiful! You posted this video on my birthday! :) 
Comment from : Ifra Danawala

Charlee Johnson
Why does Canada get such a cool flag.
Not that any other flags aren't cool but I've lived in the USA my whole life so any flag is cooler.

Comment from : Charlee Johnson

Kpop Fan
I think you could freeze the pound cake after u cut it then prepare the jello and after that put everything together to reduce more soaking
Comment from : Kpop Fan

Bryanna Rivera
Can you make something that doesn't involve jello
Comment from : Bryanna Rivera

I absolutely love strawberries- this looks delicious! I appreciate that it's easy, too, so you can take it to a get-together without much work.
Comment from : Ty

Ohlee Creates
Tammy, have you and Jen from @Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio  done a collaboration?  She's from Canada too
Comment from : Ohlee Creates

That cake got to be good :3
Comment from : Angeldays

Can you do something to do with the UK?
Comment from : Phoeblington

Awesome I'm gonna do this for 4th July! American style!
Comment from : lovelao76

Emma Rie
My mom makes this cake too we call it jello cake. But she makes a cake then pokes holes into it with a fork then pours the jello over it so it soaks into the cake.
Comment from : Emma Rie

happy canada day~ This cake is cute!
Comment from : SpaceMonkiiBob

Happy Canada Day!  this should be the national dessert ;-)
Comment from : buglady58

In the outro, is that your chinchilla? Lol that's random but still. It's really cute XD
Comment from : PinkyThePuppyProductions

Aww the ending is so cute!!!!!😊
Comment from : J.

Mildred Post
Oh Canada!
Comment from : Mildred Post

You know, this almost sounds like trifle.
Comment from : Cavalier

chandra reed
So pretty..Love that
Comment from : chandra reed

Could I let the gelatin congeal a bit more, as to reduce any soaking into the pound cake?
Comment from : Speggy

mary stroklund
I'm going to make it for strawberry festable.
Comment from : mary stroklund

that shit hurted
I'm gonna do this tomorrow :D thank you for the wonderful idea ilysm!
Comment from : that shit hurted

sherry beary
Awesome!  I can make this when my Canadian buddies are over.. ♡  They will get a major kick out of it!  Plus, with with a quick rearrange of the strawberries (and a small square of blueberries in the corner) I can also change it up for a USA 4th of July cake too!  Very versatile!  ✰✰✰ ~ You rock yoyomax12 ~ ✰✰✰ Happy Canada Day! ♡
Comment from : sherry beary

Halle Borland
Just wondering why you cut up the cake and put it in the dish instead of just baking it right in there? Anyway thank you!! I'm gonna make this for tomorrow :) happy Canada day yoyomax12!!
Comment from : Halle Borland

@Canadian Duke I know u love to cook ;)
Comment from : RySki

Dain Kang
It looks very nice!
Comment from : Dain Kang

I saw this beautiful cake on FB.  I am so happy to see it in my que this morning!  I bet this tastes great!  The strawberries are good this year, sweet as  honey!  xo
Comment from : wildheart5

hey i thought this was a diet free channel
Comment from : lethalcardcaptor

Allison Holloway
This seems super easy! I've never made any food to celebrate Canada day, usually we just wear red and white and go watch the fireworks, but because this looks so easy, i might try it tomorrow!
Comment from : Allison Holloway

Eve Lonergan
Hey so my friend is Canadian and lives in the uk so what's pound cake ?
Comment from : Eve Lonergan

This is basically trifle but with out the custard
Comment from : up4atgal

Nice, are you Canadian?
Comment from : Mistilkx

Gena Marie Butler
My mother does this recipe and she uses angel food cake instead of pound cake and thats really good as well
Comment from : Gena Marie Butler

Julie Doonan
this is just like trifle without the custard!
Comment from : Julie Doonan

YAY! I hope you have a good Canada day tomorrow! :D 
Comment from : LPSkawaiiCrafter

Diana DeLaFuente
So easy and pretty. Love it.
Comment from : Diana DeLaFuente

That looks awesome!  
Comment from : jacksmom77

This is kind of like a trifle, except one layer of cream/cool whip, jello and cake instead of multiple
Comment from : Katers1343

Wid Al Zadjaly
Tomorrow WOOOW go Canadians go lol
Comment from : Wid Al Zadjaly

Cali Aux
When is Canada day?
Comment from : Cali Aux

Heart of Tarts
Yay for fruit decorations!
Comment from : Heart of Tarts

Its kinda of like jello cake and the decorating seems tedious, but it still came out super pretty
Comment from : hoshi-holiday

Im not sure I can get cool whip in australia but I think whipped cream would suffice.
Would you recommend sweetening the cream or is the cake sweet enough?

Comment from : Zeedokta

I am not really Canadian but if I was one, I love this and I would WANT to make this for our family
Comment from : V L

Crow Smith
I love this, though being American, I'm probably going to make an American flag. Still, delicious either way.
Comment from : Crow Smith

This amazing
Comment from : snowfleem

really cute - the inside looks great too!! x
Comment from : elsharron

This looks awesome ;D
Comment from : SunsetPets

Mmm looks delicious! I have to try that :)
Comment from : TheEllenAndersson

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