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You simply cant save money when you have to pay a store just to shop there .
Comment from : Lithus17

TrAp lOrD bIG JuiCE cUp
This did not talking about helping you save money 😂😂😂
Comment from : TrAp lOrD bIG JuiCE cUp

Dont Trip
That strategy doesn’t work
Comment from : Dont Trip

Kenzie Sumirat
There was a Lego set that was $100, but at Costco the same set was $30
Comment from : Kenzie Sumirat

Lil rayballer Rayan
Let me guess they have a Costco expert right
Comment from : Lil rayballer Rayan

Besmillah Hamid
I just go for the samples😂
Comment from : Besmillah Hamid

Christian Roblox
Lmao I literally in my car parked at Costco lmao
Comment from : Christian Roblox

Blood Haven Studios
Not gonna lie all came here for is the free samples.
Comment from : Blood Haven Studios

Sahil Dhunna
Every Costco is the same
Comment from : Sahil Dhunna

Rachelle Rutherford
I've never shopped at Costco. It looks like Sam's Club.
Comment from : Rachelle Rutherford

I’m That Fieryy Guy
Time to send to my mom
Comment from : I’m That Fieryy Guy

Spartan Locke
2:27 and tasty so good
Comment from : Spartan Locke

Wonson Wonson
Resell back to China. Easy money
Comment from : Wonson Wonson

Omg me and my dad went to get apple juice and came out with a TV (and apple juice)
Comment from : TULLY CARTER

Lyra Feral
This is shady AF.
Comment from : Lyra Feral

Shalashaska 994
Anyone know if that vodka is actually as good as ciroc?
Comment from : Shalashaska 994

Kirkland Vodka. Same as what? SKYY? lol
Comment from : JL CZ

K Vall
99% of vodka is drank with a mixer. So it really doesn’t matter which brand you buy.
Comment from : K Vall

x l b L o O d l x
Kirkland Vodka about to be the hype.
Comment from : x l b L o O d l x

Daniel Hughes
0:35 wtf
Comment from : Daniel Hughes

Alexander Aguilar
So how do I save money?
Comment from : Alexander Aguilar

John Curve
nice now 2 million people know lol
Comment from : John Curve

Ron Swanson_OG
Costco orange juice #bomb.com
Comment from : Ron Swanson_OG

Intheprocess Sebas
Bruh Costco in chino hills California doesn’t even let you use the restroom if you don’t have a membership
Comment from : Intheprocess Sebas

Fernando M
Alcohol & drugs no membership
“This is America”

Comment from : Fernando M

PatrickStar 2.0
Does anyone else get so hyped when you get offered to go walk around Costco?

And the free food...

Comment from : PatrickStar 2.0

cookie pookie
Why does costco look like sams club
Comment from : cookie pookie

Someone couldto steal a TV by going in the store in because s since it's close
Comment from : GamingWithDavid19

My mom walks in a store needing gum comes back with million of bags
Comment from : arasyarami

I'm not paying to shop inside a store. Not happening. I'll just use my friends card.
Comment from : FrequencyOo

D Arsenal
Why is Cosco recommended too me! I don’t shop there and can careless about Cosco ass! Who needs to buy in bulk all the time.
Comment from : D Arsenal

Ross Turpin
This was basically just a vodka advert let’s be honest 😂
Comment from : Ross Turpin

Allison Meng
Somehow it looks like Costco from my place
Comment from : Allison Meng

Sara Malik
So how to save money🙄🤔🤔
Comment from : Sara Malik

I've never been to a costco
Comment from : PunnyMegan

Melanie Tovey
Me watches a Costco video.. 5 minutes later “mom can we go to Costco” even tho we need nothing
Comment from : Melanie Tovey

Lili Hansen
Why is my granny in the background
Comment from : Lili Hansen

Melina Kuehn
I don’t think it’s the best idea for Costco to put expensive things in the front because that’s easier for someone to steal during a robbery.
Comment from : Melina Kuehn

Legendary David3
Is it just me but when I go to sams club or Costco I just have to buy a hot dog or a churro
Comment from : Legendary David3

『Yuri-Chan YT』
I love that place because of them juicy hotdogs >:3
Comment from : 『Yuri-Chan YT』

I didn't find any secret revealed.
Comment from : R D

RobelPlays Games - And More!
Heres my tip with the chicken, doesnt save you money but it just makes it more fresh. Get the last one that the person puts out.
Comment from : RobelPlays Games - And More!

Ayato Sakamaki
not gonna like was in there with my dad and aunt shopping we found the shampoo and then me eyes caught a big as pillow and I got it.....
Comment from : Ayato Sakamaki

Ãri Chañ
Proof that inside edition is running out of ideas...
Comment from : Ãri Chañ

“I Don’t Think So, But I’ll pick some up at Costco! Cuz Everybody knows that Costco keeps the Cost Low!” 😂😂
Comment from : AwesomeGamerland

Dillon Littlefield
Secret 1: don’t go
Comment from : Dillon Littlefield

Brayan Chavez
Sams club gang
Comment from : Brayan Chavez

Bobohobo 30 Years ago
We went to costco recently my bro said imma get the pop corn and try some samples

When done he walked out with a bapg of popcorn abd 30 bags of mushroom chips

Comment from : Bobohobo 30 Years ago

I only go to Costco just for samples and churros (at least at mine)
Comment from : buckylovesplums_

Its L'zia
put slime along the way i swear sold out within 2 days
Comment from : Its L'zia

Benson Chuang
Thx about talking about vodka.
Comment from : Benson Chuang

Fabian Sotelo
Yup that's how you pronounce it

Comment from : Fabian Sotelo

radqueengamer1 :D
I think that’s the Costco I go to also lol I watched dis right after I went to Costco...was I on tv...no lol
Comment from : radqueengamer1 :D

Rebeca S
I got a membership just for the food court
Comment from : Rebeca S

Bad Vibes Forever
I thought it was Sam's club
Comment from : Bad Vibes Forever

AKA Disney land for homeschoolers
Comment from : Sugar

Carson Long
It can save you real money

Me: well yeah it’s real money like I’m going to go in with Monopoly money and buy a new laptop

Comment from : Carson Long

Calina Jameel
Is that the Costco in Epping?
Comment from : Calina Jameel

who else wants to go to Costco now? Like if you'd like to hop in the car I have snacks :D
Comment from : MinerMaster

I can save real money? I'd like to save fake money though
Comment from : MinerMaster

Kirkland is owned by Costco.
Comment from : BigGoldenYoshiFan

BTS Is my life
I remember when my mom and I went to price mart( a Honduran Costco) and we were just buying bread and came out two hours later with stuff and forgot the bread.
Comment from : BTS Is my life

*Iconic Chicken*
I literally just go there to eat free samples
Comment from : *Iconic Chicken*

Justin S.
Electronics in the front? Wouldn't that just make it easier for people to steal the stuff?
Comment from : Justin S.

Cynthia Lucky
Bow 2.2 million people know
Comment from : Cynthia Lucky

Michi Moon
Like Ikea
Comment from : Michi Moon

When to click on the video only to hear what you already know 😔 Gimme the real secrets!!!! 😭
Comment from : Foofoocuddlypoops19

Dwayne Carter
i don’t have a membership.
Comment from : Dwayne Carter

Veronika Beymanova
This costco is the costco i go to..
Comment from : Veronika Beymanova

Jua Vlog's
BJ’s”hold my beer, we about to throw hands”
Comment from : Jua Vlog's

Giselle A
I have never been to Costco but it looks like like bjs whole sales
Comment from : Giselle A

Lapis Ships Lapidot
Cosco’s ticks work I love to eat chicken there
Comment from : Lapis Ships Lapidot

Pleb Obliterator
there’s no way there’s a line to costco
Comment from : Pleb Obliterator

Kevin Jr.
Wow people must be really rich if they shop there 😳
Comment from : Kevin Jr.

Please no more amazon ads please stop 🛑
Comment from : cdizzle99z

Juan Garcia
Just make a list Dummy
Comment from : Juan Garcia

Lisa Guerrero would have confronted the rotisserie chicken.
Comment from : TheBoredNerd

Frank V
Idiots waiting for them to open
Comment from : Frank V

Jose Jose
Sams club is better
Comment from : Jose Jose

8 out of 10 times when something seems too good to be true it is. Never assume you’re in the 2 out of 10. 🤓
Comment from : MyQueenFreddieMercury

Magical Megz
The second he said “it’s a larger chicken” I thought “oh so it’s a hormone filled chicken”
Comment from : Magical Megz

is you in da logan be a maverick yayeet
That looks my my Sams club...wth
Comment from : is you in da logan be a maverick yayeet

Pine._. APPLES
my mom and I went in once to get milk, bread, oil and Nutella
we bought ice cream, chicken nuggets, croissants, honey, and etc
It came out to be $200
and we didn't get oil

Comment from : Pine._. APPLES

Yuli Loera
this looks like Sam's
Comment from : Yuli Loera

Kerstin Nilsson
It’ll save me real money...as opposed to what other kind of money??
Comment from : Kerstin Nilsson

Annaliese McCormick
I only go to Costco for the samples.

It's a free lunch

Comment from : Annaliese McCormick

327th Corp Clone wars
Employees:oh no
ME: welp that the end of my life dies

Comment from : 327th Corp Clone wars

roxana purtee
Their chicken is really good though. Probably the best in my opinion.
Comment from : roxana purtee

Kosta Kitel
Wait a minute this my local Costco pretty sure WAIT IT IS
Comment from : Kosta Kitel

Does the manager still has a job?
Comment from : 1966bluemax

Harry Humf • 39 years ago
Is this the one in Liverpool?
Comment from : Harry Humf • 39 years ago

Jacob Witbeck
So I can save money by buying a different vodka and they sell a lot of chicken... nice title
Comment from : Jacob Witbeck

Violeta Guerrero
Santa María baby let's goo
Comment from : Violeta Guerrero

Hold up Costco is the same has Sams club wahhhh
Comment from : Patchygoat

Looks like sams club
Comment from : shawn

bonecrusher 101
What costco has cost and co in it
Comment from : bonecrusher 101

bonecrusher 101
Where is Costco
Comment from : bonecrusher 101

samnight123 best
This is bj
Comment from : samnight123 best

Hi Hi
is it sad that i know where everything is. ive been there too many times-
Comment from : Hi Hi

iMolika Men-Thlang
Poor chickens 🥺
Comment from : iMolika Men-Thlang

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