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Phương Lê Anh
Hello thank you very much, may I ask how much THC in your cannabutter?
Comment from : Phương Lê Anh

Jessica Rivera
Have you ever made infused soda pop gummy if so how did you make them I would like to make Dr Pepper gummy or code red just not sure how to go about it and you have tough me so much its because of you my gummy are AWESOME thank you
Comment from : Jessica Rivera

D Mckinney
How fucken stone is this lady to be making such a mess look how dirty it is .!
Comment from : D Mckinney

lil swizee one
You are beautiful, and would love to live around your gummies
Comment from : lil swizee one

daniel fontes
She's the Bob Ross of the Cannabis Kitchen!!! :)
Comment from : daniel fontes

Stevie Marincowits
Work cleaner
Comment from : Stevie Marincowits

Jessica Gonneville
Can you use canna coconut oil instead of canna butter?
Comment from : Jessica Gonneville

Big air bubble,in its nose...lol
Comment from : DJ S

Adam Alvarez
Stomer grandma
Comment from : Adam Alvarez

PLEASE ANSWER!!!! how much do I need to eat to get high??
Comment from : VAIOS

How much do I consume to get high ??
Comment from : VAIOS

Connor Goodwin
This is great! With this recipe, how much thc per gummy does it work out to be roughly? :)
Comment from : Connor Goodwin

Projects by Brando Desrosi How to edition
What edible calculator do you use?
Comment from : Projects by Brando Desrosi How to edition

Briana Bowland
I’ve made this twice now and they turn out great but both times it was super gummy and couldn’t get it into the silicone without it looking awful. I followed every single step. Any suggestions? I left it on the heat also and it never would go back to liquid.
Comment from : Briana Bowland

Literally the best video I've seen in 2020 so far.
Comment from : BeDownInaFewDayz

Paul Fortson
So coconut oil should work the same as butter that's when things went bad after I added the oil and thanks for the reply back
Comment from : Paul Fortson

JoeyVillareale DooBysNBooBys
Comment from : JoeyVillareale DooBysNBooBys

You can put rice in the jar to keep it from molding.
Comment from : HoLyMaN

Paul Fortson
Plus after you said dont turn heat up guess what I did had lots of fuzzy
Comment from : Paul Fortson

Paul Fortson
I followed your every step it's harder than it looks the only difference I used coconut oil they set up so fast I lost the whole batch so should I use butter thanks
Comment from : Paul Fortson

red headed stepchild
NOPE TOO Complicated. Way too much friggin' around with her recipe. FAILl !! KISS : keep it simple.
Love all y'all !!

Comment from : red headed stepchild

Smhdowntown Walkingf
Shes cute tho
Comment from : Smhdowntown Walkingf

Mike Craanen Jr
Thank you so much! This is super informative. From how/where to get ingredients to the bottles with the piping tip, I was enthralled. Idk if you have just never seen a edible video before so you didnt mimic their mistakes or if you have seen them all and just decided to do something different. But either way I am impressed. Wonderful
Comment from : Mike Craanen Jr

Mon Edwar
Can u be my nana plz.👍. Just love you lady.
Comment from : Mon Edwar

Sue Majdecki
I am very, very new to cannabis! What kind of cannabis do you use when you make gummy bears?
Comment from : Sue Majdecki

Marissa Notto
If I buy thc oil from the dispensary instead of making my own cannabutter would that work also? If so to use the oil I'd have to combine it with coconut oil as a carrier oil? Please let me know your thoughts. I am super inspired by this video.
Comment from : Marissa Notto

Jennifer Mccormack
cant believe she has the patients to do this LOLL
Comment from : Jennifer Mccormack

Jessy Chesney
Hahahaha “and your just going to need a spatula” 😆
Comment from : Jessy Chesney

-no-panic-zone -
Would it work I'd you baught store bought gummies, melted them down and added cnnabutter. Then let them reset??🤔💨💨💨💨💨
Comment from : -no-panic-zone -

Matthew Long
Ah dont you just love your grandma's cooking
Comment from : Matthew Long

Eric Elder
What if you don't use butter and just use a rosin or hash?
Comment from : Eric Elder

Patty Klein
THANK YOU ... love this... a bear or a leaf is just enough for pain, insomnia.. and it’s not a chemical .. yay ... !!!!
Comment from : Patty Klein

Katvonsweetz 13
Jesus you're adorable.
Comment from : Katvonsweetz 13

Kevin Smith
3:20 "oop, sHiT"
Comment from : Kevin Smith

susanne marra
Thank you!
Comment from : susanne marra

D.M Sherrod
my only issue is that the corn syrup is described as "lily white" on the bottle
Comment from : D.M Sherrod

Meister Kaos
You know she's an OG when she pulls out the mango flavoring.
Comment from : Meister Kaos

Does it taste like cannabis
Comment from : daonslaughtt

Dr J
Like the female Bob Ross of stoner baking
Comment from : Dr J

lake gal
Hello Liz, just made your cannabis gummy bears. They turned out great. Do you have any tips to kill off the cannabis taste? I added extra flavour, maybe I should add more?
Thanks for taking the time to produce your videos and share what you've learned. Gotta get me a spatula just like yours and name her Liz ; )

Comment from : lake gal

Xx_Blazer _xX
I don't know who I expected but it certainly was not you

I am more than pleasantly surprised to see the new face of edibles

Comment from : Xx_Blazer _xX

You deserve an Emmy Award for this video. You're hilariously informative!!!
Comment from : Will

Wil you be my mom? 🤣
Comment from : Meeeeeee

cherrycow 1
"Grandma is that you?"
Comment from : cherrycow 1

Philip Smith
3:22 lol
Comment from : Philip Smith

Canuck Crusader
can corn starch replace the clear gel?
Comment from : Canuck Crusader

Vince Hydra
This Aunty is everything!!!! lol
Comment from : Vince Hydra

Crystal Weatherwax
I love you videos! I just made these and I can get the gummies out of the mold
Comment from : Crystal Weatherwax

Could you use sure Jell instead of clear jel? Sure jell is pectin I believe.
Comment from : kenneltech08

Paulina Ramirez
Im confused at 16:50-17:00
I mix 1 cup of the clear jel with 1/4 cup of sugar and add 1 tablespoon of that mixture to my syrup mixture?

Comment from : Paulina Ramirez

Ozzie Figueroa
How much clear jel for recipe? And do you substitute the clear jel for something else. Please and thank you
Comment from : Ozzie Figueroa

1Life 1Chance
I'm going to try to make a batch of Lego gummies this evening but I'm planning to just use distillate to infuse the gummies. So I'm not sure if I still heed to add some plain butter to it for this recipe to work effectively? Thank you for all time and hard work you put into your videos it's greatly appreciated hope to hear from you soon!
Comment from : 1Life 1Chance

Laura Nichols
How many drops of flavor do you put in for a batch this size?
Comment from : Laura Nichols

Can’t believe I’m about to ask this question out loud but would anybody have an idea in the nutritional facts of these? I’m on keto but would LOVE to make these.
Comment from : RickPlems65

Why do i need citric acid

Cynthia Guevin
So to use the instant clear jel i need to premix with Sugar before use? Granulated or powdered?...
Comment from : Cynthia Guevin

Kevin Dean
You were really high doing this video.
Comment from : Kevin Dean

Jeffery Lucille
Do you have a recipe for gummies without gelatin??
Comment from : Jeffery Lucille

LoudPack Larry
Ur a cool grandma
Comment from : LoudPack Larry

Made these and they are good, nice texture. But they appeared to be wet/sweating the next day. Any ideas why?
Comment from : ijodie

Ocean Water
capri sun
Comment from : Ocean Water

jon norman
31:24 she said doo doo. Lol
Comment from : jon norman

Kevin Kock
Because you said Shhitt I'm giving you a like :)
Comment from : Kevin Kock

Stay tuned to see a preview of next week`s episode of Breaking Bad!
Comment from : Misquotedbuffalo

Bam Bam
I followed the instructions exactly but my gummies ended up a really weird crumbly texture? I'm not sure what went wrong
Comment from : Bam Bam

Chris Hemmens
Will you be my mom? Mine sucks.
Comment from : Chris Hemmens

Jade Florist
Any tips on how to get the maximum shelf-life out of the gummies by avoiding molding. On one of your previous videos i saw you mentioned “mold inhibitors” how would you apply something like that into the recipe? How long do your gummies last? With and without the mold inhibitors. thanks,🙏 Your videos are amazing!!!! 😊
Comment from : Jade Florist

Cheza Felix
How long can they be preserved
Comment from : Cheza Felix

Raven Simmons
Your are definitely a lifesaver for talking about the clear jel & cornstarch. I was honestly wondering how to not get them to stick to each other. Also, loved the idea of adding the white gel coloring.

QUESTION: I want to omit the butter, so do I still need the guar gum & citric acid?

Comment from : Raven Simmons

Great video thanks! Gonna try with coconut oil
Comment from : Sterling_x

Godz LegendAr15
God your beautiful
Comment from : Godz LegendAr15

Jonathan Hopkins
I love when she went sh*!
Comment from : Jonathan Hopkins

I wanna hang out with this lady and cook..and smoke of course ⚡️☮️✨💜🦋
Comment from : KarolinamoonTV

Use a real pot and not teflon, ick!
Comment from : babybug80

Excalibur Rebel
At first glance you really look like the Karen who'd screech about "OUR KIDS ARE INJECTING THE MARIJUANAS" so I have to give you props
Comment from : Excalibur Rebel

Greg Jones
If she were my neighbor, I would help her take her groceries inside for a shiny quarter.
Comment from : Greg Jones

Tim Hargraves
Wow. You really are eating far too many gummies. I recommend you stop recommending and mentioning things that are completely off topic. SHARE YOUR RECIPE.
Comment from : Tim Hargraves

Elyse Parandes
How much gel are you putting in? It's not listed and everything was going fine until I put the gel in and then my mixer broke and now it's all chunky😞😞
Comment from : Elyse Parandes

Andrew Reynolds
I fuckin love this lady
Comment from : Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds
Very well done
Comment from : Andrew Reynolds

Justin Arnold
Can i sugar coat them or sour coat them?
Comment from : Justin Arnold

Steph _Hunt
Kept my attention for 30 mins! I'm ready to make some gummies now.. Thanks for the video 😊
Comment from : Steph _Hunt

Lil Load
Damn grandma
Comment from : Lil Load

I absolutely love the Jamaican music in the background. #Epic Video
Comment from : shall794

I'd hit that😉 and this how many people would to👇🏽
Comment from : P N

filling the molds reminds me of my childhood making creepy crawlers lol
Comment from : mtx90

I just made them, and they stuck to the molds like crazy. How do I avoid that? I lost a lot of my mixture due to that
Comment from : H20-Melon

Stephen Mercer
This is the most pure woman
Comment from : Stephen Mercer

Nicola Hodges
She's like stoner yoda x
Comment from : Nicola Hodges

Nicola Hodges
Will you be be my grandma???
Comment from : Nicola Hodges

dan jordan
Can you be my grandma
Comment from : dan jordan

Can you sub a canna coconut butter for these as well?
Comment from : averagegurlsareawesome!

Suzy Green
I cooked some up using most of this recipe and I ended up w/ perfect gummies. But I think you're over thinking the whole process. I didn't bother with the double-boiler. Just keep your heat low so you don't boil. Also, instead of guar gum I used lecithin, which was at my local vitamin store. Worked like a charm and also nutritious. Guar gum is more of a thickening agent than an emulsifier. That's probably why you started having trouble w/ the texture being too thick to work with. I only used about 1 t of lecithin and 1 t of clear jel (amazon, $8.39) and I ended up w/ beautiful non-tacky gummies. I didn't even need to put them in the fridge.

Bloom your gelatin. Add 1/2 C boiling water to jello and stir until dissolved. With the burner on low, add bloomed gelatin, corn syrup, lecithin, pot tincture, citric acid (I just used lime juice) and mix w/ an immersion blender. Add clear jel and blend. If you use clear jel, lecithin, and silicon candy molds, you shouldn't need to oil the molds first. I did one batch w/ oil and one w/out it. I regretted oiling that first batch. Also, as a precaution, I dusted my candies w/ tapioca starch but it took away their perfect shine and I didn't need to use it anyway because the candies weren't tacky at all.

Next time, I'll definitely use a tasteless oil instead of butter to make my tincture. The gummies have an unpleasant buttery flavor. Also, Next time I might melt some jolly ranchers into the water first just to give the gummies more candy flavor.

Thanks for the great video! Super helpful.

Comment from : Suzy Green

Omg I can’t believe you cooked them over I thought they looked good
Comment from : ah

How can I make these keto
Comment from : ah

Your hands are very soft
Comment from : ah

Mio juice would prob be good to use
Comment from : ah

Love this nice to met you pretty lady
Comment from : 23kc

Patrick Northern
I hope my wife looks like this when shes older.
Comment from : Patrick Northern

7:48 that tripped me out not gonna lie
Comment from : BREAKNECK R54

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