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Sam StewArt
Whomever sent this, really should have put in Maynards Winegums. Best Maynards candy, hands down. SO much maple lol. Reminds me of when we used to go to the more tourist-y area of Vancouver, known as Gastown. My mom would buy maple candies. We would only have 2 each, maybe once a year. I wonder if I could send some Nanaimo Bars. Don't know how well they would travel. VERY Canadian.
Comment from : Sam StewArt

Shahzad Ahmad
I have tasted maple syrup about .................100000000 times
Comment from : Shahzad Ahmad

Dark Frontier
Canada sure makes a lot of maple flavoured things. I wouldn't be surprised if they had maple flavoured KitKat there
Comment from : Dark Frontier

With those types of maple candies it's best to break them in half and then stick half of it in your mouth and just let it melt.
Comment from : kommandantbaker

Laredo Lushies
Emmy, you could probably use the first maple leaf candy you tried (that was too sweet) to sweeten your coffee. Maybe half for a not so sweet effect or the entire leaf for more sweet maple flavor. I’m in Texas so I’ve never tried them.
Comment from : Laredo Lushies

I live in canada and ive never seen some of this stuff
Comment from : Huntorix

Comment from : Huntorix

Sister location Fnaf
I’m a Canadian
Comment from : Sister location Fnaf

Mj King
the maple sugar candies is just pure maple sugar. just in maple leaf shape than a sugar cube shape.
Comment from : Mj King

John Smith
I gotta say this video is going to be bookmarked by me for a comedic relief :) Hilarious! :)
Comment from : John Smith

lol i live in canada and my mom refuses to buy maple syrup bc it's like 16$ for a small bottle
Comment from : TysonKailee

K Prince
Maple sugar candies are basically Maple syrup that has been boiled down to the point that most of if not all of the water has evaperated... what is left is what your eating.. hence it is highly concentrated and very sweet.. A pack of 5 like you had would last me about 5 months.. eating one candy per month.. anymore then that and I gets "old' very quick and you don't want anymore... Hello from a Canadian Fan... I all but sprayed my computer with a mouthful of water when you got to the Ton-too's... "No pervy comments.. Get your head out of the gutter..." I felt like a little kid that was being admonished by his mother..." Thanks for the giggle...!
Comment from : K Prince

I'm Canadian and I haven't heard of most of these!
Comment from : James

Maple candy is toooo sweet. It's cooked way down until it gets thick
Comment from : Herbert

Newfie Chick
i am from canada
Comment from : Newfie Chick

Meghan Towns
I'm sorry??? Americans don't have Mini Eggs. I'd die for those. Those are my life.
Comment from : Meghan Towns

0:57 - I wonder if people use that as an actual sugar cube.
Comment from : Sibernethy

David Ens
its like a Winegums thing my fave the Maynards
Comment from : David Ens

Purple Lime
That tongue tatoo was so cool. Your reactions though - what does egg taste like..egg? ooohh. 😂
Comment from : Purple Lime

••Ice Cream••
Yes I eat everything including bacon with maple syrup, bathe in poutine and always say aboot.
Comment from : ••Ice Cream••

Matt E
Maynards candy but no Cherry Blasters?
Comment from : Matt E

Chris Simpson
There are Three types of Toffee. There's the hard type that you like, There's a middle version in a sorta hard but chewy type like Macintosh toffee, and soft chew toffee. :P
Comment from : Chris Simpson

A lot of the items you are eating (especially the maple items) are not Canadian mainstream. I guess it fits the stereotype that most Canadians eat maple infused treats (which is not the case). It's a niche' market.
Comment from : sirslice

Allyssa Marie
Are swedish berries still not in the states? Thats crazy! lol, fuzzy peaches & swedish berries are the best!
Comment from : Allyssa Marie

the thing I like about Emmy is that she always talks about the positive things about the food she eats
Comment from : J&Jhooks

fibro smack
good descriptive review emmy! I will watch your others also ☺
Comment from : fibro smack

lowkey Canadian and have only eaten like 3 of these.... there's so much things in this video that isn't mainstream LOL this person really wanted you to experience Canadian snacks cause they dug deep!

btw we aren't all obsessed with maple syrup- but it is a wonderful thing

Comment from : ttaemimi

Louise tiramisou
Love you Emmy!
Comment from : Louise tiramisou

Iam From Canada :)
Comment from : NEWFIE CHICK

Chloe Yang
Can u send me one of those
Comment from : Chloe Yang

Ruby Doomsday
We're not as obsessed with maple as we lead people to believe. We LIKE it, but the maple-flavoured-everything we tend to send out in care packages is largely just an image we like to uphold ;)
Comment from : Ruby Doomsday

Darrell barron
its not that common unless you live in quebec or ontario ive never even seen it in the west
Comment from : Darrell barron

Im from canada lol but love your vids emmy keep up the awesome work
Comment from : J D

FYI, Maple Trees grow in Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick the best. You won't find many west of Ontario. You can find some people making a birch syrup which is similar to Maple, but takes like twice the sap as maple to make the same amount of syrup due to a higher water content.
Comment from : theangrynewfie

Julianna C
Ketchup chips are great!!
Comment from : Julianna C

Kiran R
we aren't called canucks, we are called canadians
Comment from : Kiran R

Here in Newfoundland, we mix the Maple candies that you tried first, with our Tea! Hahaha
Comment from : Rose~FiaNecroStone-SBD

Maple Syrup Trees haha very funny
Comment from : LwrayBay

jen jen

Comment from : jen jen

McKenzie Dudley
you just describe everything write it makes me hungry!!!!!!!! i love you by the way
Comment from : McKenzie Dudley

I put those maple candies in coffee. Amazing!
Comment from : Hadra568

Mini eggs are one of my favs :3
Comment from : beautyandglitz101

Steph Daigle
Tongue tattoos?? Neever heard of before! Lol! But I would assume that you probably have to gently lick it before putting it on your tongue * kinda like any of those fake tattoos* for it to transfer properly....
But I"m Canadian and I have neever seen those in my Life!??? Lol!!

Comment from : Steph Daigle

I'm Creed
Canada its the best
Comment from : I'm Creed

those maple nougats are the bomb
Comment from : kavkazip

The 1st thing is baked in a shape btw
Comment from : Firebird

Presca From BC
CocaMira is very good :)
Comment from : Presca From BC

Comment from : carboncatboi

Emily Walsh
What you should try is peanut butter cookie cups. Lol
Comment from : Emily Walsh

Shanique Wright
from toronto canada and i wish i knew where to get half of those candies and chocolates! :D looks soooo good! especially the maple syrup ones :D feel so bad for americans not being able to have kinder eggs! As a kid...everyone wanted one! we grew up eating them but yes, as most people said we were smart enough to open the chocolate in half before eating it.....
Comment from : Shanique Wright

emily 、。
I had tried the maple candy but fresh and it taste sooo good but very sweet
Comment from : emily 、。

Éloïse Chartrand
Im from canada! And im so happy to see YouTubers all around the world try our foods and like them!
Comment from : Éloïse Chartrand

I'm from Canada, Ima Canadian XD
Comment from : jel37

Josh Cornell
maple sugar is boiled sap that's cooled to harden it :)
Comment from : Josh Cornell

areti nanou
(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°),😢✔✔✔Share Gif: media0.giphy.com/media/D7Qzw12q9s8Tu/200w.gif
Comment from : areti nanou

Tasoula Adossidis
Teehee...maple syrup trees. :p
Comment from : Tasoula Adossidis

You know, calling someone a Canuck is considered an insult here in Canada...
Comment from : moonlight

9:37  Woah!
Comment from : bibbyshibby

PoptrGirl Poppy
I'm laughing soi much becuase im canadian and its funny seeing the reaction
Comment from : PoptrGirl Poppy

Jake copegog
Not every thing is maple syrup flavor....... and no us canadians dont have maple syrup viens lol , but we have timmies in our viens
Comment from : Jake copegog

This is rather odd. Been watching some of Emmy's vids, steadily getting hungrier as I hadn't had breakfast, and so now I decided to go get something to eat. What am I having? Leftover Chinese from last night. So the Canadian is eating Chinese food and the Chinese American is eating Canadian food lol I only just realized it as I sat down in my chair. Oh, she said she's Chinese American in a different vid, I don't really understand the 'madeinjapan' bit, if that's indeed the case, but oh well :P Cheers!

Edit: Haha ok, wait a second. I seen some kinda Crayon Shin Chin vid of Emmy's just now in which she showed a bit of one of the cartoons, that literally showed the main character's asshole, said character is a child apparently. That's fine and dandy apparently, but the tongue?! "Leave now, QUICK! Go go go if you don't want to see my tongue, get out, change the channel, bye bye Emmy!" lol It's funny how she's so non-challant about an anus, yet when it's time to show a tongue it's time for a big serious warning sternly telling people to leave if they don't want to see a tongue. Not to mention a pre-emptive chastening if people make naughty jokes. These differences in culture are very amusing :)

Comment from : NormanMatchem

Nicole D
Go Canada
Comment from : Nicole D

lol those maple leafs at the start were supposed to be soft. so they were obviously very old and probably discounted lmao it's funny how she is trying to say something nice about the old hard candy.
Comment from : WaterspoutsOfTheDeep

Canadian food is so lack lustre. XD
Comment from : Amy

Omg! Mini-Eggs! I love those!
...But perhaps not the popping ones ^ ^;.
I love the ones that contain only contain milk chocolate on the inside~ think of them as M&M's with better tasting.

Comment from : Lexyvil

As a Canadian, I really loved this video!
It's nice to see people from other countries try food or different things from different countries. ^ ^
Being surrounded by Maple Trees and snow is quite fun~

Comment from : Lexyvil

Kirsten Lahaie
I don't know how to spell chocolate oh auto correct kicked in I guess
Comment from : Kirsten Lahaie

Kirsten Lahaie
NO! Canada has crazier food we have really wired chips and mint aero chacolet
Comment from : Kirsten Lahaie

She looks like she could eat Canada.
Comment from : MrHearThis

paige canavan
Maple syrup is popular but not everyone likes it
Comment from : paige canavan

Rui Lan Xian
Maple candy in Canada you can put in tea
Comment from : Rui Lan Xian

Des A
Comment from : Des A

in GB and Canada, toffee is really sticky but still firm, and the hard stuff is called brittle
Comment from : RemHunter

Sonia Bell
I've only seen those candies in Halloween. Otherwise we never eat/buy candies but we love maple syrup on crepes/pancakes.
Comment from : Sonia Bell

Lisa Mona
I may have to send you a package of Canadian candy that was available in the 1960s/70s. The candy that i ate when I was growing up.
Comment from : Lisa Mona

Ellie Collins
I was born and raised in Canada, and still currently live here. And most of these things I have never heard of! But also with the "Popping Mini-Eggs" its pink not red.(:
Comment from : Ellie Collins

The creeper gamer
I am also from Canada and I have never heard of most of the candy
Comment from : The creeper gamer

"I need like a microphone inside my head"
Comment from : Croquantes

69969996666 Hit control + f. type 6 for hidden message

Comment from : Saturn

Maddie Jardine
I have lived in canada my whole life, and a lot of these things I have never had, especially the second snack in this video, you could buy a similar products anywhere im pretty sure. Thats not like a "special" canadian snack.
Comment from : Maddie Jardine

Sara abdulaziz
would you like to eat Saudi snacks ?? 
Comment from : Sara abdulaziz

Taco Horse
lol i have eating all of that candy before i love it
Comment from : Taco Horse

Taco Horse
gess what we get hot fresh maple put it on snow then we have yum yum
Comment from : Taco Horse

Taco Horse
there called pe cans ok
Comment from : Taco Horse

Taco Horse
i love my maple and thx for eating my candy that sometimes is fuge
Comment from : Taco Horse

The nougat bars are delicious! The blueberry flavour is the best.
Comment from : TheMbellwood

tf2 medic
people i said SORRY and i mean it i know now why she pronounces stuff wrong now just please stop saying mean things
Comment from : tf2 medic

Francesca Perron
Im from canada! Yay!!!
Comment from : Francesca Perron

Swedish fish are so called because they were developed by a Swedish candy company Malaco. They come in many flavors including salmiak, even thought the most common in the US is the red cherry flavored ones.
Comment from : nergath1

soooo she has a vlog eating food?   Interesting..  
As far as the Maple Syrup goes It is our No.1 source of income.   Without it Canada would cease to to exist.  :)
Ok that's a Lie.  We import Snow and Ice too since we got so much of it.
But Maple Syrup is a Multi-million Dollar business.  Quite possibly could be in the Billions.

Comment from : HurriShane00

tf2 medic
Comment from : tf2 medic

Well I haven't heard of all of the things
Comment from : Sevensupercoolkidz

I lives on Canada for whole life and I haven't heard of the first thing
Comment from : Sevensupercoolkidz

Comment from : AcceBear!

Natalia Ewanek
There is softer and harder toffee
Comment from : Natalia Ewanek

kisha lisha
you should try my favorite one and it is called mountain dew and it is a drink and tastes amazing
Comment from : kisha lisha

kisha lisha
canada is also like america with the candy but canada sometimes have better flavours
Comment from : kisha lisha

did anyone send you ketchup chips yet? because if no-one has I WILL!! we all want to know whether you will prefer lays ketchup or old dutch :p
Comment from : theAbeElement

Chloe Bantigue
Yaya im canadian
Comment from : Chloe Bantigue

Comment from : Leila

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